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Major Leonard Darwin was the son of Charles Darwin, and President of the First International Congress of Eugenics.

Ideas on eugenics Edit

Caste society Edit

In a critical appraisal of the Third International Eugenics Congress in The New York Times, Major Leonard Darwin's views on society's future hierarchical structure were revealed:

"And there is the arch-eugenist, Major DARWIN, who sent a paper to be read at New York, frankly admitting that he would like to see a caste system introduced "so rigid as to prohibit all movement between the different social strata" in order to remedy the "harm done by educational facilities generally." - [1][2]

This concept, of a caste system not too dissimilar to the way feudal Japan operated (but taken to a biological extreme), was one of the subjects of Charles Galton Darwin's book, The Next Million Years.

References Edit

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