Government out of control

Government Out Of Control

...This System of Things, has reached a time of conclusion.

As the Elite's usher in The New Era of The New World Order, the transitions will take its toll on everything and everyone in our country. Of course, depending on each on our personal siuations, the many different ways of struggling will begin to show its face, as their consequences transforms our lives.

From the begining of the 1900's, the agenda has been "Change," change from the People being in control, to the government controlling the power, making the People depend more and more on their position, and become less and less independent to making them be submissive, to their authority.

Putting into place such things as The Fema Act, The Patroit Act, The Clergy Response Teams, Project Bluebeam, etc., etc., all for the expectations of, "Civil Unrest" and Martial Law to take effect. Seems each day We, The Citizen's of The United States of America, loose more Right's and Liberties, and replaced with a type of reform made of rules, regulation(s), policies, laws, and ' Change.' And as We loose ground, they gain more and more authority as We become transformed. The gravity from these things will eventually implode this country and the many choices We hve now, will have been lost to them.